Saturday, 22 May 2010

Resin bases

Here are the first molds

I made these from a two part silicone putty, the best thing about the putty is that it doesn't slump an so i didn't need to make a container to pour into.
the putty has the consistency of hot wax and only takes about five Min's to cure, i placed my master on a plastic bag and pushed the mixed putty firmly over it then placed a second master face down on top pulling the excess up around the sides finally another bag was placed on top and flattened out (i used a spray can lid) to create double sided molds, don't push down too hard as if the silicone gets too thin in the middle it will tear with use.

These are the first casts the ork skull and flesh tearer symbol are to be used as objective markers.

this is my very first cast base painted up and used with the berserkers i have been working on i quite like it

more masters a work in progress, this time i added some crushed stone to the mix but i don't think it really adds a lot to the texture.Posted by Picasa


  1. Those bases are lookin nice! A couple months ago I was going to get into them. It looks fairly simple.

  2. Yeh not to difficult, its all in the preperation as with most stuff. as for cost effective sofar cost me no more than £40 sterling with enough resin for atleast another 100 bases and enough silicone for 30 ish molds so technicaly cheaper than plastic.