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Change of venue for my posts

Is there anybody out there?

So it's been several years since I blogged but I've recently been tempted back to the fold by a friend of mine. The hope is we can both encourage each other to post and to greater feats of hobbying!
Mainly dealing with all things chaos, painting, modelling, battle reports and campaigns backed up with all the fluff and an engaging storyline.

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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Battle report

We were useing the Eldar mission 'outflank' from the battle missions book. The three objectives representing the pillars of Heraclies. The Eldar would be attempting to deactivate them to hide the lost maiden world from the barbaric mon-keigh. The Flesh tearers were trying to prevent the world becoming lost to the Imperium again.

The Flesh tearers
priest jump pack power weapon.
priest power weapon.
5 assault terminators 4hammers.
10 assault marines meltas fist.
10 assault marines meltas power weapon.
5 scouts snipers missile
5 scouts snipers missile
10 assault marines meltas fist in Landraider.

The Eldar,
Farseer on jetbike
8 warlocks jetbikes
3 jetbikes
5 dire avengers in falcon
5 dire avengers in falcon
5 fire dragons in wave serpent
5 fire dragons in wave serpent
3 warwalkers

The Eldar set up first, with one objective in the Center of their deployment zone and two in the Marines deployment 12"from either side. They deployed both falcons with avengers just to the right of their objective where they could draw good lines of fire and the seer council on the right flank behind a large building where it could strike against the right hand marine objective. The rest of the force would make the most of the ability to outflank all units on the side of their choice.

The marines deployed the redeemer with assault squad directly across from the falcons and Mephiston hiding behind it, it would head for the Eldar objective, the scouts went dead centre well away from the flanks with a view to supporting fire on both sides. The rest in reserve hoping to arrive after the Eldar, they would all move on from the board edge and jump on the two objectives at their side of the board.

Turn one-Eldar,

first roll of the game was for fortune which succeeded unfortunately with a double one, failing his ghosthelm and invulnerable save the farseer took a wound, the elder advanced on their right flank one falcon started to sweep to their left. Fire at the raider was ineffective.

Turn one-Flesh tearers,

The marines drop back to await reinforcements. The scouts try a missile at a falcon but it fails the raider fires a burst of the assault cannon at the council but is just out of range.

Turn two-Eldar.

The War walkers and fire dragons arrive to reinforce the Eldar right flank. Shooting against the raider only stuns it. The scouts receive some flack and swiftly go to ground when the dust settles the back squad has lost one and the front squad has lost three including the missile launcher.

Turn two-Flesh tearers

With no reinforcement this turn The raider with meph tucked in behind head to the centre of the table, the raider fires its assault cannon at the fire dragons serpent but fails to penetrate.

Turn three-Eldar.

The second fire dragon squad arrive and attempt to pop the Landraider, they are just out of short range and fail to penetrate despite hitting four times. The other dragons gun for Mephiston only one hits and causes a wound the majority of Eldar shots go against Mephiston but only cause one wound which he stops with feel no pain. The walkers hit the rear scouts killing one, the remaining three promptly run off, The seer council charge the Landraider and manage to immobilise it and rip of the Multimelta.

Turn three-Flesh tearers.

The terminators and jump squad with preist arrive and luckily for them one of the squad of dragons has come in range for the terminators to charge, the jump squad hits the other squad of dragons that tried to destroy the landraider, both are butchered, Mephiston fails to cast wings of Sanguinius and moves into the cover with the last two remaining scouts (must remember Mephiston has fleet). The assault squad with priest in the Landraider jump out and prepare to assault the seer council without the help of the space vampire, the flame-storm on the Landraider kills one warlock. Despite auto hitting the farseer only manages to shake the Landraider and two warlocks bounce of it's armour completely, the rest of the council fail to kill any of the assault squad, in return the assault squad on foot kill two warlocks and the priest wounds the farseer but the Eldar hold.

Turn four- Eldar.

The terminators get shot down to two who run off, the assault squad with preist take two casualties from the warwalkers, remaining Eldar shooting fails to wound Mephiston and the scouts, the council fail to cast fortune due to Mephiston's psychic hood (the Farseer rolled a one Mephiston rolled a two;) and loose another warlock for no reply, still they don't run.

Turn four-Flesh tearers.

Mephiston gets into the Landraider which destroys one warwalker blows of a weapon from another and prevents the third shooting with it's twin linked assault cannon. The other jump squad show up and blow up a serpent, the priest with assault squad join combat against the seer council (with no fortune for this combat it's an opportunity they can't ignore) at the end of combat there is only the Farseer on one wound for no loss, still he won't run.

Turn five-Eldar.

the farseer rolls triple six for fortune and promptly dies failing ghosthelm and invulnerable saves again! The remaining wave serpent contests the objective on the Eldar right, the falcon on the opposite flank claims there as does the second falcon in the centre, all shooting is an attempt to break the assault squad on foot, they test, they hold.

Turn five-Flesh tearers.

Mephiston assaults the walkers only smashing one (I forget to cast sanguine sword or unleash rage due to rushing to attack the wave serpent) the two jumpack assault squads melta the wave serpent that is sat on the objective immobilising it then barely destroying it in combat with a combo of crack and power fist, it was the last fist penetrating hit that did a final immobilised result to wreck it. The assault squad on foot and scouts in the centre run to attempt to contest the centre objective but they both came short, if it ends now the marines loose two to one.

Turn six-Eldar.

The Eldar pour fire into the assault squad on foot but they soak it up, the final two scouts that have broken cover get wiped out by the jet bikes, the dire avengers wait and hope in the safety of the falcon.

Turn six-Flesh tearers.

Mephiston finnishes the remaining walker the larger jump squad head to the centre to support the assault on the Eldar objective, leaving the smaller to claim the left objective. The assault Squad on foot in the centre shoot and assault the falcon causing four pens and a glance on the falcon wrecking it and 'bonus' pinning the avengers. If it ends now it's a draw one each one contested.

Turn seven-Eldar.

The desperate Eldar jetbikes and falcon shoot the assault squad on foot and the bikes charge!, are they mad? Two of the jetbikes die and they lose the combat, the last one runs.

Turn seven-Flesh tearers.

It's an easy combat for the two assault units with a priest in each to Finnish the dire avengers on the central Eldar objective, the battle ends with the Eldar claiming the objective on their left the marines have the other flank and the one in the centre, two one to the marines.

Although the creature was clearly attempting to lay perfectly motionless the shallow rise and fall of it's chest was clearly visible to the H.U.D of his augmented ocular implant.
Metatron crouched next to the blue armoured Eldar and took hold of the iridescent plume on top of the bright red high helm, pulling it away revealed the strange wide eyes of the xeno scum. He wondered what went on inside the fragile skull of this insult to humanity, even now in defeat he could see the arrogant disdain in the way it regarded him, he also wondered how different they were on the inside. Bringing down an armoured gauntlet encased fist he cracked both the armoured carapace and the avengers rib cage, a mist of arterial blood spraying up his arm and across his face, carelessly he licked a fleck of blood with a coppery tang from his lips. Prising open the cavity with both hands Metatron started carefully removing the innards, arranging them in order on the rubble dust, the light had long faded from the Eldars eyes by the time he was done.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Finnished in time unfortunately it got damaged before i got to use it.
At some point i will go back and do some more detail on it along with a repair job.

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Deamon princess

More progress, added wings and started second pair of arms,

struggling with hands will probably switch to greenstuff for them and other details.

want to add more tentacles to the head, texture to the wings and tail and maybe peeled skin and peirceings.

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Daemon princess

I need a new deamon princess of slannesh for my tournament army but dont want to buy the current metal mod so its do it yourself time.

I used soft Fimo polimer clay over an armature so far, detail will be in green stuff still wondering how to do the wings. The serpent woman idea is stolen from a friends conversion and i just watched clash of the titans.
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Sunday, 30 May 2010


Finished ready for tourny, This is as far as i want to go with these as they wont get much use in my usual list.
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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Resin bases

Here are the first molds

I made these from a two part silicone putty, the best thing about the putty is that it doesn't slump an so i didn't need to make a container to pour into.
the putty has the consistency of hot wax and only takes about five Min's to cure, i placed my master on a plastic bag and pushed the mixed putty firmly over it then placed a second master face down on top pulling the excess up around the sides finally another bag was placed on top and flattened out (i used a spray can lid) to create double sided molds, don't push down too hard as if the silicone gets too thin in the middle it will tear with use.

These are the first casts the ork skull and flesh tearer symbol are to be used as objective markers.

this is my very first cast base painted up and used with the berserkers i have been working on i quite like it

more masters a work in progress, this time i added some crushed stone to the mix but i don't think it really adds a lot to the texture.Posted by Picasa